Protect Your Business From Any Damages or Losses Suffered by The Consumer!

As a professional, a client expects you to have extensive knowledge and training in your field of work. If your company fails to perform the requested service with the degree of expertise required, you can be held liable for any damages or losses suffered by the consumer.

Professional Liability Insurance in PA

For small business owners in PA and self-employed professionals, Professional Liability is not covered under a General Liability policy and would need to be purchased separately.

Examples of Professional Liability for Small Businesses include:

    • You build a website for your client in West Chester, PA. Glitches in the site cause it to shut down for several days, resulting in lost revenue to your client. You can be held responsible for this lost revenue.
    • An architect draws blueprints for a building being constructed in Exton. Several months after the building is built, the roof caves in. The design of the custom roof turns out to be a poor one, leaving the architect liable.
    • While working on customer computers in Kennett Square, you forget to re-install the firewall, allowing a virus to access customer files which include personal information.

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