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When you need to protect your business with general liability insurance in PA, Risk Averse Insurance can help. Accidents happen, and the cost of legal representation and loss settlements can cause a small business to close its doors.

Commercial General Liability Insurance in PA

A Commercial General Liability policy will provide you with top-notch legal representation and pay for covered damages caused by you or an employee (up to the maximum limit provided on the policy). In most instances, General Liability Insurance will typically be required when entering into a contract with a third party, or pulling permits in a city like Philadelphia. General Liability Policies cover the most basic business insurance needs.

Why Do I Need a Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Commercial General Liability Insurance is especially important if you:

    • Own or Lease property
    • Have customers or clients visit your location
    • Visit the locations of your clients
    • Manufacture or sell any products

Examples of General Liability claims for which you may be responsible:

    • You lease a small retail location in Newtown Square, PA. A customer trips and falls in your store, breaking an ankle. You will be responsible for Medical Payments and likely much more.
    • You are doing demo work for a remodeling job in Ridley Township. Your employees wrap up early on a Friday, leaving some of the materials in the yard. The neighbors son climbs over the pile stepping on a rusty nail, causing an infection and muscle damage. You will likely be on the hook for damages.
    • You are at a client’s office in Springfield. While repairing her computer server, you knock your coffee over, destroying the server. Replacement and recovery of this equipment and data will likely fall back on you.
    • While having lunch in Bucks County with a good client, you tell him the horror stories of work done by your competitors. Your competitor gets wind of what you’ve been saying and sues you for slander. Coverage for legal fees and reparations will come from your GL policy.

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