In Delaware County, car insurance rates can be pretty high because of how close we are to Philadelphia. Insurance companies are not allowed to outright deny you for living in a specific area, but they can charge you much higher rates. You’ll never have car insurance rates as cheap as they do in Chester County, but there are some things you can do to ensure you’re getting the cheapest car insurance quote available in Delaware County.

Keep your car insurance with the same company as your homeowners insurance – Bundling, as that lovable Flo from Progressive has coined it, can save you hundreds of dollars a year on car insurance. Companies will give discounts up to 25% for having home and auto insurance with them. It is very rare that I come across a situation in which it makes sense to put the homeowners and car insurance with different companies… typically only because of accidents or violations on the drivers.

Have your car insurance quoted frequently, but not too frequently – This is why it’s a good idea to have your insurance with an independent agent because they are not tied to one particular insurance company and can quote your car insurance every year or two. Car insurance companies change their rates frequently so a company could have the best car insurance rates one year and the worst rates the next. Be careful moving for a couple of dollars though because some companies offer loyalty benefits like decreasing deductible or accident forgiveness which can have significant value in the event of a claim.

Carry higher liability limits
– This might sound counter intuitive but car insurance pricing can be very tricky. Car insurance companies use what are called pricing tiers, and there are more factors that go into these pricing models than you or I could ever imagine. However, you will typically be eligible for a better pricing tier if you carry a higher limit. TV and radio ads bombard consumers with ideas like “legal for less,” but carrying low limits of insurance can disqualify you from more competitive companies and also lead to higher car insurance rates when you look to shop around.

Carry higher deductibles
– One of the toughest parts of an insurance agent’s job is making the recommendation to a client that she should not put in a car insurance claim after a small accident. After all, that’s why we buy insurance. However, small claims can cause significant increases in premium that cost the client more in the long run. So, in certain situations, that is exactly the recommendation that should be made. Because we’re not going to put in small claims, we should take advantage of the premium savings from carrying a higher deductible. Of course, everyone is in a different financial situation and should carry a deductible they can afford.

Insurance is a necessary evil and, in certain areas like Delaware County, car insurance can get pretty expensive. Next time you talk to your agent, give some of these ideas a try and you may find that your car insurance can be much cheaper than you realized.

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