Everyone knows that when you want protection for your vehicle, you get car insurance. When you want to protect your business from bankruptcy in the event that your company is sued, you get a general liability insurance policy… and so on. What if, however, you’re concerned that your house is haunted and you want financial protection from the ghost(s) plaguing your residence? You would get ghost insurance, of course. 

Spooksafe Insurance

Ultraviolet is an insurance company based in the UK that issues specialty policies including Spooksafe. Spooksafe provides coverage in the event that you are attacked by a spirit, werewolf, or vampire. For those who are not superstitious, this may seem like a ridiculous waste of money. However, plenty of paranormal enthusiasts and paranoid home/business owners have invested in this unique policy which can provide up to $1,000,000 in coverage if you can prove that you were attacked by a supernatural being. 

Spooksafe insurance covers the following:

  • Death caused by the paranormal 
  • Injury caused by the paranormal 
  • Damage to personal property caused by the paranormal 
  • Attacks by vampires and/or werewolves

A $100,000 claim was actually paid out after a woman was thrown over the banister of her home here in the US tragically resulting in her death. After investigating, Ultraviolet underwriters concluded that her death was indeed caused by a poltergeist attack and paid up. This woman isn’t the only one who needed a Spooksafe policy; in 2002, the landlord of the Royal Falcon Hotel in Lowestoft, Suffolk obtained a £500 annual policy after claiming his hotel was haunted by the ghost of a monk who threw glasses in the adjoining pub. His insurance policy would pay up to £1 million in the event that anyone was killed or injured on the premises.

Dark house in the middle of the woods with one light on

Other Ghost Insurance

Not satisfied with Spooksafe? Ultraviolet is not the only insurance company that provides specialty insurance. Lloyd’s of London is known for providing coverage to protect its policyholders from just about every situation under the sun. Serving over 200 countries, Lloyd’s also has a ghost insurance policy that over 40,000 people have chosen to carry.

In case ghosts aren’t your only concern, you can also purchase policies to protect yourself against Yeti and Bigfoot attacks, alien abduction, and being turned into a vampire or werewolf from this insurance company. Lloyd’s of London is pretty much your one-stop shop to insure yourself against any supernatural risk!

Risk Averse Insurance may not have any policies involving coverage for ghosts, vampires, or werewolves, but we do provide expert service while offering affordable prices on business and personal insurance. Contact us for any questions you may have and we’ll work with you to find the best coverage for your needs at a reasonable price!

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