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3 Lesser-Known, Strange Insurance Policies

By January 15, 2019April 19th, 2024No Comments

Everyone has heard of homeowner’s insurance and car insurance, but what about the lesser-known, borderline strange insurance policies that are out there?

If you lived near Lincoln County, Nevada, you may be concerned about your chances being abducted by aliens due to your proximity to the infamous Area 51. There’s an insurance policy for that! Alternatively, if your home was haunted and you were hoping to receive compensation in the event that your paranormal roommate was to wreak havoc on your property, there’s insurance coverage for that too. Read on for more information about these strange insurance policies, plus a few more.

Alien Abduction Insurance

As odd as it may sound, many have already invested their money in alien abduction insurance policies. Lloyd’s of London alone has sold around 20,000 of these policies to concerned citizens, and this is based on an estimate from 2015. Who knows how many more policies they could have sold in the past four years? Alien abduction insurance is a big hit across the pond as well;Goodfellow Rebecca Ingram Pearson, a firm based in London, has sold over 30,000 policies in Europe. There is even an insurance company by the name of UFO Abduction Insurance Company that exclusively sells alien abduction insurance which can be delivered to the customer digitally the day it’s purchased.

In order to receive any sort of money from an insurance company that offers this niche coverage type, you’ll need to provide proof that an alien abduction actually occurred. Nay-sayers may believe that this is an impossible feat, butMike St. Lawrence, president of the aforementioned UFO Abduction Insurance Company located in Florida, says he has actually paid out a few claims. The payout isn’t a huge amount, however; claimants can expect to receive $1 a year for the next 10 million years.

Insurance Against the Paranormal

If you have ghosts in your home or your business, obviously the first person you’re going to call is your insurance agent, right? Maybe we wouldn’t immediately come to mind in that scenario for most, but believe it or not, business owners have taken out insurance policies specifically to protect their business and employees from the supernatural.

Terry Meggs, the landlord at the Royal FalconHotel in Lowestoft, England, invested in an insurance policy for $500 a year in 2002 to protect his customers and employees in case they were to be attacked or killed as a direct result of one of the paranormal entities in the building. Meggs claimed to have seen glasses move of their own volitionacross the bar one night, and became very concerned that the spirit responsible may attempt to hurt the patrons at his pub. His insurance policy will pay up to $1 million in the event that anyone is killed or injured on the premises.

Meggs isn’t the only one who has insurance protection against supernatural beings; TV shows that follow paranormal investigators as they attempt to collect evidence of ghost activity such as Ghost Adventures and Ghost Huntershave insurance due to the high amount of risk they face on a regular basis. Since the stars of these shows do theirinvestigations through the night, it’s extremely challenging for them to see anything. Under these circumstances, it’s almost inevitable that at least one person will trip over something, run into a door, or fall to the ground. This is even more likely due to the fact that a large portion of these investigations are done in abandoned buildings that are unkempt at best. Due to this, these shows have procured professional indemnity and public liability insurance in case anyone is hurt by something in one of their investigations whether it be a random accident or a ghost attack.


Asteroid Insurance

Last on our list of strange insurance policies is asteroid insurance. You may be thinking to yourself, “who would spend their money on asteroid insurance?” Don’t be too quick to judge, because you’re actually covered for this already! Technically, insurance specifically for asteroids damaging/destroying your property is not a separate policy you can buy, but it is included in most homeowners and business owners policies. Asteroids often fly past the Earthwithout too much cause for worry, but if one did happen to breach our atmosphere and go hurtling towards your home or business specifically, you could report a claim to your insurance company.

Damage to your property as a result of falling objects including ones from space such as spacecraft debris, meteors, and asteroids are covered under standard homeowners and business policies. So, lucky for you, next time you see in the news that an asteroid is coming close to the Earth, you don’t have to worry– insurance coverage that you may not have known you had can provide compensation!

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