The Risk Averse Difference

Infographic showing the Risk Averse difference
01: Initial Interview – during the initial interview, we will meet to discuss your business and operations; this allows us to identify your key exposures and hazards. We will also gather underwriting information at this meeting so we can properly rate the account. Lastly, we collect your current policies so we can do a coverage analysis to see if there are any gaps in coverage.

02: Coverage review – once we have an understanding of your unique organization, our team will review your current coverage, identify gaps and come up with solutions to close any gaps. We will also discuss getting rid of coverages that are not needed. Many times we can reallocate premium dollars to ensure you are spending the money where it needs to be spent. Copying a poorly structured program is never in your best interest, which is why we do not take your polices and give you a matching quote as the only option. We show you apples to apples, but we also show you a recommended program which should be more suitable for your business’ unique needs. This is also where we determine which insurance carriers would be the best fit for your business.

03: Quoting process – once we’ve determined the coverage solution, our team will take your account to market and discuss with numerous underwriters. By approaching multiple underwriters, we are able to get the best terms, conditions & pricing.  Unlike personal insurance, bundling the account may not be in your best interest with commercial insurance. This is why we approach carriers that specialize in each line of business.

04: Proposal process – once we have received all quotes from our carriers, our team will do a coverage comparison to figure out which one is best suited for your needs. Once we have determined which quotes best meet your needs, we put it into an easy-to-understand proposal.

05: Policy presentation – our insurance specialist will review the proposal with you to highlight coverage differences and help you understand how the policy is rated.

06: Ongoing support – our team will continue to offer support with subcontractor management, certificate management transfer, risk contract review, and much more.  We are your insurance consultants!

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