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Following our idea to implement a Customer of the Month to our newsletter as well as our website, we contacted our longtime clients at Results Repeat to answer some questions about their business as well as take on the title of our first Customer of the Month. Below are their responses:


Tell us a little about your business. What services do you provide? Where are you located?

Results Repeat is a full-service digital marketing agency. We provide website design and web marketing services including Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (e.g. AdWords) management, social media management, content development, email marketing and more. In just three years, we have worked with over 300 clients in dozens of industries. We’re based just outside of Philadelphia in Media, PA.

Our clients are small business owners and individual home owners. How can your company help our clients?

Our services are primarily for small business owners. We help them improve their digital presence and get more business online. The web is a great equalizer. We can help small businesses look much bigger than they are and compete against any size firm for online leads.

What are some advantages of being involved in a small business as opposed to a larger one?

When you’re a small business, every penny matters, and it makes us very focused on making sure investments in our services generate a return. Unlike larger business, we are able to “bend the rules” for our customers. Finally, small businesses are agile, and we can more quickly adapt our service offerings and business practices as the marketing landscape changes. 

What differentiates you from other companies in your industry?

We have a consultative, transparent, and results-driven approach. We work with you to understand your options, and implement online marketing tactics most likely to deliver more qualified site visits, leads, and sales for your business.  Everything we do is documented, so you can see exactly what we are doing to earn your business. We measure our results, and use the data to determine what is working, and what needs to be refined.

Where do you see your business in three years?

Simply put, we will be continuing to, “save the world from bad marketing.” It’s our motto and we expect to continue to grow our client base by continuing what has worked for us so far: being very upfront and honest in our approach and delivering results.

What’s the most rewarding part of serving your customers?

We love fixing our clients’ marketing. Many of our clients come to us with substandard websites or AdWords campaigns. We love replacing old websites with modern, mobile-responsive ones and getting the phone to ring for our customers.

What’s the greatest accomplishment as a business in the past year?

For the past two years, we’ve been named among one of the best places to work by the Philadelphia Business Journal in the small business category. We pride ourselves in not only creating a positive and nurturing work environment, but investing in our employees and providing true work-life balance.


If you are interested in the services Results Repeat provide, check out their website.