We reached out to Katie Virtue from HeadRoom to be our September Customer of the Month, and she was happy to provide responses. Check out her answers to our questions about HeadRoom below:

Tell us a little about your business. What services do you provide? Where are you located?

HeadRoom provides shared office space and admin support to small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs, all within a collaborative ecosystem that encourages the sharing of knowledge, skill sets, and experience. We have two locations in Media, PA and Wayne, PA. 

Our clients are small business owners and individual home owners. How can your company help our clients?

HeadRoom can help your small business clients by providing a professional workspace without the overhead involved in leasing your own office. We offer meeting space, high speed wi-fi, receptionist services, and more at just the fraction of the price. Additionally, we provide in-depth consulting to small business owners in order to help them refine their vision and create a Strategic Plan. (This is something we did with Bill and Marc of Risk Averse)

What are some advantages of being involved in a small business as opposed to a larger one?

One advantage to being a small business is that we can make decisions quickly. Managers and even employees can be involved in decision-making. There are less politics and the workflow can be easier to manage.

What differentiates you from other companies in your industry?

With two locations in the Philadelphia suburbs, HeadRoom is focused on serving clients whose needs are frequently overlooked by the co-working spaces in the city. We have a flexible model that allows us to meet the needs of multiple types of small businesses, whether they are home-based consultants, remote workers, or small startups.

What are some events or charities your company has been involved in to improve your community?

HeadRoom has been very involved in Media’s Rotary organization. Our managing partner Dan Lievens was President of the Rotary Club last year and continues to serve as a past-president. We have also hosted events during Philly Tech Week to help promote Media and Delaware County as part of the week-long tech celebration.

Where do you see your business in three years?

In three years we hope to have opened a third location in the Philadelphia area and be able to serve twice as many clients.

What’s the most rewarding part of serving your customers?

It is immensely rewarding to see our clients grow and prosper as they work at HeadRoom.

What’s the greatest accomplishment as a business in the past year?

In October 2016, HeadRoom partnered with the Delaware County Commerce Center and SCORE to start the Delaware County Edge Accelerator. Companies accepted to the Edge Accelerator have full access to HeadRoom’s offices, admin services, workshops, and business consulting services. We’re proud to assist local small businesses as they grow within Delaware County and contribute to our local economy. 


If you are interested in the services HeadRoom provides, check out their website.