Why am I paying so much for car insurance? Well, it could be for a whole bunch of reasons. Car insurance in Pennsylvania can range from very low premiums to some of the highest in the country and PA car insurance companies have not made it easy to determine how they come up with these premiums.  There are some pretty basic factors that I’ve outlined below that will definitely affect your PA car insurance in a negative way.  Some of them are fixable, others may be out of your control:

Proximity to the Philadelphia area – Car insurance in Philadelphia is the highest in the state. In surrounding counties such as Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Delaware County car insurance premiums can end up being higher than average.  As you get further from Philadelphia into Chester County and Berks County, car insurance premiums will start to really decrease.

Low Credit/Insurance Score – clients don’t like to hear that their credit score is affecting their insurance premiums, but it’s a fact, and every company uses it in determining premiums.  Insurance companies have found that credit score has a direct correlation to the profitability of the business they write. Some companies have more favorable rates for those with poor credit scores while others will essentially deny coverage.

Claims – Whether it’s a small claim or a big one, all claims can affect your ability to get lower rates when shopping.  Even if the insurance company cannot “surcharge” your policy for a claim, PA car insurance companies can move you to a less favorable rating tier or remove loss-free discounts.

Young Driver – Will my insurance get cheaper when I turn 25? Short answer… No. This is a major misconception in the car insurance industry. There is no specific discount when you turn 25. In reality, your rates will get progressively better as you age.  In many cases, you may need to shop your insurance to see any significant change in premium. Some car insurance companies are more favorable to drivers in their 20s. No companies are favorable for drivers in their teens.

Older Driver – The reverse is also true… somewhere around age 60, you can expect to see your insurance premiums start to creep up. Around age 70 or 75, companies may even require that an extra medical form be filled out.

Home and auto policies are separate – If you have your home and auto insurance with different companies, you may be missing out on significant discounts. It’s very rare that I find a situation where this makes sense.

Prior low limits of insurance – I’ve mentioned this in other articles, but low limits of insurance don’t always mean the lowest prices. Rather than carry the state minimum coverage, get quotes for higher limits. You might find that it’s not as expensive as you thought. It might also open up new, more competitive markets that aren’t looking to write low limits.  This will also help you secure better quotes in the future.

Been with the same company for years – This is my favorite…  When someone tells me they’ve been with the same company for 20 years.  As an agent, I can appreciate this kind of customer loyalty. However, these are the clients for whom I end up saving the most money… sometimes thousands of dollars a year. This is where the value of an independent agent comes in. As an independent agent, I have the ability to shop your insurance with numerous companies to make sure you are still getting the best premium.  Agents for companies like State Farm and Allstate are locked in to one specific company, which isn’t doing you any favors. Most customers are looking to be loyal to their agent, not their insurance company (there’s a difference).  Why not have one that gives you more options?


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