Donate to Give a Child in Need a School Bag

In 2019, we ran our first ever school supplies drive for children in need in Delaware County. We were overwhelmed with the support from the community, and we only ran the fundraiser for a month! A huge thank you to anyone who donated in 2019. Because of your generosity, more children were able to go through the school year with brand new bags, notebooks, and art supplies. All donations were distributed by CityTeam in Chester to families that needed them.

This year, we’re getting started in January to ensure that we collect as many donations as possible. During a recent tour of CityTeam Chester’s facilities, we were informed that they need about 2,500 school bags in order to meet the needs of the community. However, they only receive about half through donations and are forced to purchase the rest on their own. This year, we’re filling that gap. Our goal is to bring in at least 1,250 school bags

Every donation matters. Education is essential, but thousands of children in our immediate community would not be able to be prepared for the school year with the necessary materials without your help. Anything you can contribute matters and is much appreciated!

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