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Cyber attacks now cost businesses nearly $400 billion a year and that number will likely grow.

Cyber Liability Insurance in PA

You’ve heard the stories in the news of large billion-dollar companies having employee and cardholder information stolen. These companies spend millions of dollars a year in security. So, are businesses in PA at risk? Certainly.

Nearly 70% of all cyber attacks are on small and medium sized businesses. And you don’t have to be targeted by a hacker. A company laptop or phone can be lost or stolen leaving criminals with access to client and employee information.

Any company that collects client information has a responsibility to protect that information from hackers. The same goes for employee information. Should this data be compromised, you may be held responsible to clients for financial losses, fines, costs to repair credit, and even future credit monitoring. These costs could quickly get into the millions of dollars and would sink most small businesses.

With cyber crime becoming commonplace in the world, it is imperative that companies protect themselves and their clients from attacks. Don’t leave your company exposed. Contact us today to learn more about Cyber Liability Insurance in PA.

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