Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent?

When looking to purchase insurance through a new agency, your options are overwhelming. A simple Google search of “insurance agents near me” yields over 200 million results… you certainly can’t be expected to sift through those pages and pages of choices! To make things even more complicated, how are you to know what agency is best for your individual needs? Lucky for you, there’s a way to avoid the headaches involved with searching through hundreds of reviews and quotes to find the exact company you need: get coverage through an independent insurance agent!

Why choose an independent insurance agent?

Before we fully answer this question, it’s important to know the difference between an independent agent and a captive agent. A captive agent works with only one insurance company. When you call a captive agent and request a quote, they can only provide you with information for the company they work for. Furthermore, they can only pass along advice and information that applies to that one company. This isn’t to say theirknowledge is limited, but their ability to give you the best and most relevant advice for your specific needs is.

Independent agents are different for many reasons. For example, theyare not limited to just one insurance company, which gives them the freedom to request quotes from multiple agencies and provide you with the most affordable option. Many people procrastinate on buying the necessary coverages due to their concerns about price. If that sounds like you, an independent agent is your best bet.

Furthermore, when contacting a captive agent, it can be difficult to get through all the automated prompts to get to the person you want to speak with. An independent agent, on the other hand, is much easier to reach and will know who you are when they answer your call. This is especially important in dire situations where you need to file a claim and don’t have the time to explain your situation several times to multiple people.

There are many reasons to choose an independent insurance agent, but for many, it comes down to options. Choosing your insurance company and coverage is a process that you need to get right for you and your family. Independent agents take this pressure off and allow you to relax as they do the searching for you.

If you’d like more information or you’d like to do business with an independent insurance agent, contact us at (610) 335-1139 and we’ll make sure you get the service and coverage you deserve.


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Risk Averse Insurance is an independent insurance agency in Delaware County that specializes in providing high-quality insurance products at an affordable price.

Quick Tips to Prepare for Fall

With fall just around the corner and the temperatures beginning to drop, you’ll want to consider making some changes in order to prepare properly for the season. Since it’s not cold out yet, now is the best time toget everything done so you can rest easyonce the freezing temperatures hit!

Here are some of the best ways preparefor fall:

  • Get a flu shot.Fall and winter are the seasons when people most frequently get the flu according to the CDC, so it’s best to get your flu shot as soon as possible. Pharmacies know how unpleasant flu shots are to get, so many of them offer free shots as well as in-store coupons for getting it done.
  • Clean the gutters and remove any leaves or sticks you find. This is essential when you prepare for fall as it will save you time down the line when more leaves come.
  • Check for air leaks around windows, doors, or any other area of the house that could potentially let air in. If you detect a breeze, make sure to get any cracks sealed before it gets too cold out!
  • Get out your coats and jackets! Make sure they still fit and that they don’t have any signs of wear and tear; you definitely don’t want to get caught in cold weather and find out too late that your jacket has holes in it.
  • Either clean out your furnacewith a vacuum yourself or hire professionals to get the job done for you. Also, dust off any vents or filtersfor your heating system asI’m sure you haven’t used them in a while…
  • Invest in lighting for your property since fall and winter have less daylight than summertime. This is important for your own visibility, but it also deters burglars.
  • Speaking of lighting, check your headlights, taillights, brake lights, and emergency flashers on your carto ensure they’re working properly. Also, consider buying some replacement bulbs to put in your trunk just in case a light goes out while you’re driving.
  • Clear out a place to store your summer items. If you have window air conditioning units, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need them once it hits freezing temperatures; stow them away as this will also help with any potential window leakage.
  • Watch your speed when driving. This applies year-round, but it’s especially important to be cautious and watch out for deer in the road as fall is their mating season.


Call Risk Averse Insurancein Media, PA to discuss your business or personal insurance.

Risk Averse Insurance is an insurance agency in Delaware County that specializes in providing high-quality insurance products at an affordable price.

Insurance Terms You Need to Know

Have you ever spoken on the phone with your agent and been confused by their use of insurance terminology? You’re not alone! Understanding your insurance policy can be difficult if you do not understand the wordage, so we came up with a list of important insurance terms to know so that you’re not as overwhelmed next time you talk to your agent.


The most important insurance terms to know:

Policy:Written contract between you and your insurance agency outlining and verifying the legality of your insurance agreement.

Claim:A notification by the insured to their insurance company that a covered loss has occurred. The claim needs to be validated by the insurance company in order for them to provide compensation.

Deductible: Amount of money you need to pay out of pocket in the event of a claim before your insurance agency pays. If you’re unsure about how much your deductible is, make sure to ask your insurance agent in order to avoid any surprises.

Premium: Amount you will need to pay either on a monthly or annual basis in order to fund your insurance coverage. Failure to pay your insurance premiums results in cancellation of your coverage.

Loss:Includes bodily injury or damage to your property as a result of a covered accident.

Exclusion:A loss that your insurance company will not cover. Some exclusions include:a loss resulting from the insured breaking the law, damage caused by preventable wear and tear, and loss resulting from a catastrophic event.

Endorsement:An amendment, addition, or deletion of a part of an existing insurance policy. For example, if you needed to add a new vehicle to your auto policy, this would necessitate an endorsement.

While there are many insurance terms that may come up in your correspondence with your agent, these 7 are the most important to know. Even if you never speak on the phone with your agent, these insurance terms will certainly appear in your policy; needless to say, understanding the basics of your insurance policy is essential because you should know what you’re paying for! Contact us at 610-335-1139 if you’d like further clarification on these terms or to request a quote.


Call Risk Averse Insurancein Media, PA to discuss your business or personal insurance. Risk Averse Insurance is an insurance agency in Delaware County that specializes in providing high-quality insurance products at an affordable price.