What Distracted Driving Means for Your Auto Insurance Rates

Distracted driving is not only dangerous for the driver and others on the road, it can also lead to increased auto insurance rates in the event of an accident.


The increasing popularity and rapidly evolving technological capabilities of cell phones over the past decade has provided the world with a faster way to communicate with one another, but it has also created an easily accessible distraction for drivers. Due to this, the amount of car accidents since 2015 alone has increased significantly. Unfortunately for those who are looking to purchase auto insurance, the increased frequency of accidents in recent years has prompted insurance companies to increase their rates.

Of course, cell phones are not the only reason drivers have taken their focus off the road. Other distractions include:

  • Talkative passengers
  • Tampering with the radio or air conditioning/heating
  • Navigation systems such as GPS
  • Simply being lost in thought
  • Eating/drinking
  • People/events outside the car (staring at an accident or a dog walking by)
  • Smoking
  • And others…

In fact, daydreaming behind the wheel accounts for 62% of driving fatalities according to SafeStart, while cell phone use is the second leading cause with 12%. While this may seem to be a small percentage in comparison, it is still a huge issue that has made car insurance more costly.

Young drivers ages 16-24 have been noted to reach for their cell phones while driving at a higher rate than older drivers. This means that parents of young drivers will see higher auto insurance rates due in part to their tendency to make risky decisions on the road, one being texting while driving. To avoid such incidents, it is imperative that parents teach their children about the dangers of distracted driving even before they are old enough to get behind the wheel.

Distracted driving of any kind is extremely dangerous for both the driver and others on the road. Make sure you keep yourself safe and your insurance rates low by keeping your eyes on the road!


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